Batman & Bill

For over 75 years, there was only one man officially credited as Batman's creator: Bob Kane. As time passed, there were rumors that perhaps the Caped Crusader had another father. Who was this man, and who could finally bring him out of the shadows, giving light to the credit he deserved? Batman & Bill tells the story of the un-credited co-creator of Batman, Bill Finger, and one fan who went on his own crusade to bring justice to the legend.  

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Slow Learners

Jeff and Anne, (Adam Pally & Sarah Burns) two close friends and co-workers, are embarrassingly unlucky at love. They hatch a plan to transform themselves over the course of a sex-and-alcohol-fueled summer. The film premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival and was released by IFC Films/Sundance Selects.

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As the Palaces Burn

A feature-length documentary that originally sought to follow metal band Lamb of God and their fans throughout the world to demonstrate how music ties us together when we can't find any other common bond. During the filming process in 2012, the story abruptly took a dramatic turn. The band was brought into a Kafkaesque nightmare, when lead singer Randy Blythe was arrested on charges of manslaughter - blamed for the death of one of their young fans in the Czech Republic. What followed was a heart-wrenching courtroom drama that left fans, friends, and curious onlookers around the world on the edge of their seats.

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The Atomic States of America

In 2010, the United States announced the first new nuclear power plant construction in over 32 years. The 'Nuclear Renaissance' was born, and America's long-stalled expansion of nuclear energy was infused with new life. The film premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

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Last Days Here

Last Days Here is a raw, yet unexpectedly touching chronicle of cult metal legend Bobby Liebling as he attempts to resurrect his life and career after decades wasting away in his parentsa basement. Bobby Liebling made his mark in the 70s as the outrageous frontman of Pentagram, a "street" Black Sabbath whose heavy metal riffs once blew audiences minds. But various acts of self-destruction, multiple band break-ups and botched record deals eventually condemned his music to obscurity. Now in his 50's, wasted by hardcore drug use and living on the charity of his ever- patient mother and father (a former Nixon advisor), Bobby's music is finally discovered by the heavy metal underground. With the help of fan-turned- manager Sean "Pellet" Pelletier, Bobby struggles to overcome years of addiction, loneliness and broken dreams to get back on stage again. Witness his unbelievable journey, following the triumphs and downfalls of this underground icon at the crossroads of life and death.


The Art of the Steal

This art-world whodunit investigates what happened to the Barnes collection of Post-Impressionist paintings—valued in the billions—that fell prey to a power struggle after the death of owner Albert Barnes.

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Two Days in April

Follows the story of 4 college football players signed by the sports agency IMG, as they bring them to a training facility in Florida and both physically and mentally prepare them for the NFL draft.


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Rock School

For incorrigible instructor Paul Green, the three "R's" of reading, writing and arithmetic take a backseat to rocking out, and he actually has his own curriculum set up to help precocious youngsters do so. Indeed, at The Paul Green School of Rock Music, the ultimate goal is learning to wail on guitar like Robert Plant or strut around like Mick Jagger. But getting to that stage means developing discipline and grace under fire, and most important of all -- surviving Mr. Green's tutelage.

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