A Hug from Paul Ryan

The short documentary above, “A Hug From Paul Ryan,” examines the human costs of the so-called “war on poverty.” The doc—one of five films in the first installment of Take 5: Justice in America, a new series from AMC’s SundanceNow Doc Club—follows Tianna Gaines-Turner, the only person reliant on public assistance to appear at the House Budget Committee’s 2014 “war on poverty” hearings.


Directed by Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce, the film focuses on a touching moment between Gaines-Turner and then–Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan, shared after her hearing appearance, and asks the question: More than a year later, what has changed? Did that moment make a difference?

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Tired of Tomorrow

Go behind the scenes with Nothing as they record their follow up to the now classic, Guilty of Everything. The story has it all, a billionaire who makes pain medicine, basketball, dogs, love, death and in studio shenanigans.

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Crime by the Numbers

“Crime By The Numbers,” for FiveThirtyEight and ESPN Films’, tells the story of Adrian Schoolcraft. Schoolcraft, is a New York Police Department officer who blew the whistle on the NYPD’s abuse and misuse of CompStat, a system to track crime trends in New York City. But in trying to fix the injustices of New York’s policing system, Schoolcraft experienced that injustice personally.

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